Delyx Takes On New York Fashion Week (NYFW)

DELYX had the pleasure of participating in New York Fashion Week via the Journey Fashion Festival, spearheaded by the incomparable Malena Belafonte. Malena is known for her ability to think outside of the box and create not just your typical runway shows, but extravagant, memorable productions. This year was no different as this runway show took place at Duane Park in New York City, a popular burlesque club, again, defying the NYFW norms and providing the audience with a complete experience!


In addition to providing the audience with an extraordinary experience, The Journey Fashion Festival is also known for supporting and highlighting great causes. Per Malena, “I think it is our duty to use our platform and power during this time to highlight causes and needs in the world. This season we wanted to focus on the Opioid epidemic – people need to realize it is not just out there somewhere, and therefore we wanted to pull it into our team and onto the runway, and not just speak about it from a soap box. With all eyes on us during NYFW, one of our models, Vilma Biliene, went through a horrible addiction and we incorporated that into the show with the very thing that saved her: Steampunk King Chuck Coleman created a visual that would remind her very day of her value, beauty and the fact that she was worthy. That visual has since become a collection of leggings meant to empower, not just addicts, but anyone who needs self-empowerment- and isn’t that all of us at one point or the other?”



 While the show included pieces from over 20 brands, there were only 5 that took to the stage YEROC, Avery Rose, L’ Antonio Resort, Henry Picado, and DELYX. The show provided an opportunity to not only show off our 2020 swimwear designs (accessorized with sunglasses by celebrity designer Corey Woods and YEROC), but our new cashmere beanies for both men and women (including the debut of our newest Swarovski adorned cashmere beanies) as well. The men’s beanies were accompanied by hand painted jackets created by Alvaro, an amazing New York celebrity artist.


Hair and makeup was created by Marcello Costa and Team MC. Additional designers, performers, and sponsors included: Sean Sellers, Pearls Daily, John Ashford, Yasha Jewelry, The Alex Salem Team, Douglas Elliman, Mercedes Club,  Sennheiser, Yerise, Fashion Institute of Technology, Design Entrepreneur Collaborative, DewbeeJammin and more!


The Journey Fashion Festival is an experience like none other and we elated that we had the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome show!

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