Eleuthera, Bahamas – A Flawless, Quiet Paradise…so pack light!

Where to stay

Unlike other island destinations, Eleuthera is a very quiet island, void of the usual miles of hotel lineups along the beach. While there are hotels available, you also have various VRBO and Airbnb options. When choosing where to stay, you should first decide which side of the island you will prefer…the sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean or the pink sand beaches and dark blue waters of the Atlantic?

We decided to fly into the North Eleuthera Airport and chose to stay at The Cove, a small 57 room hotel that boasts seaside rooms and cottages, all with awesome views of the Caribbean Ocean.(www.thecoveeleuthera.com). We contacted the hotel prior to our arrival to arrange for transportation to and from the airport. Upon arrival to the hotel we were greeted by the ever so friendly hotel staff, along with refreshing Bahama Mamas as we approached the front desk/check in!

Where to eat

The Cove has two restaurants on property. The first is the Gregory Town Grill, which is going to be your best choice for lunch. The second, the Freedom Restaurant and Sushi Bar, is great for breakfast and dinner. If you’re interested in having a drink and watching the breathtaking sunset over the Caribbean, The Point Bar is the place to be. Feel like venturing out? Daddy Joe’s was one of our favorites! Located just a short 5 minute drive away from the Cove, this little spot is known for its fresh fish and trademark conch.

Getting around

On the mainland of Eleuthera, you may choose to rent a car or scooter, but taxis are readily available by phone and are usually stationed at the airports, docks, and hotels.

Things to do

Glass Window Bridge

Witness one of nature’s beautiful creations, The Glass Window Bridge.  In addition to being one of the narrowest land areas on Earth, it’s also the point on the island where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Ocean meet. Here, you’ll see the stark contrast of the dark blue waters of the Atlantic with the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. The bridge is located on the Northern end of Eleuthera, just north of Gregory Town (and the Cove). Although previously destroyed by a hurricane, this now man made bridge was originally formed by rock. However, use extreme caution as the  waves of the Atlantic have been known to wash away both people and vehicles!

Harbour Island

Eleuthera is the island of relaxation and for that reason, we spent quite a bit of our time both beach and poolside at the Cove. However, we did venture over to Harbour Island, located just 25 minutes away. After a quick 15 minute ride to the docks and  another 10 minute water taxi jaunt, you’re there! Upon arrival, you are greeted by several vendors eager to rent their best golf carts, the main mode of transportation.  Because of the island’s small size (3 miles long by 1/2 mile wide) and narrow streets, you’ll find touring via golf cart is your best option!

Harbour Island offers many of the activities you would expect on an island, including shopping, diving, fishing, bike/boat rentals, and of course lounging on it’s pink sand beaches. Unlike Eleuthera, Harbor Island also offers a relaxed nightlife for those of you looking for a little nighttime fun!


White or Pink? The choice is yours. In speaking with the locals, the best Atlantic Beaches are French Leave, Tay Bay, and Lighthouse; while the Caribbean side boasts Gaulding Cay, Ten Bay, and Rainbow Cay. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!


Eleuthera has quickly become one of our favorite destinations! The beauty and serenity of it’s beaches helped to inspire this season’s collection, and we hope you are feeling inspired to visit the island yourself! Grab your DELYX essentials and passport, and prepare for one of the most relaxing vacations you’ll ever take!


 – If you decide to rent a car, consider an SUV for easier access to the island’s hideaway beaches.
– Eleuthera’s busiest season runs from December through April, so plan accordingly.
– There are several festivals (Junkanoo, Pineapple, Conch Fest, etc) held throughout the year so be sure to inquire before booking your trip.
– Don’t forget, in Eleuthera, the right side is the left side! (The natives drive on the left side of the road.)
– Pack your insect repellent for those evenings and late night outings!

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