Zermatt…a year-round winter sports playground!

Zermatt…a year-round winter sports playground!

Looking for year round skiing? If so, then there’s no better place to take advantage of the conditions than Zermatt!  Though it’s snowy and barely above freezing, this small, picturesque mountain village is packed full of warm surprises!  Located in southern Switzerland’s Valais Canyon, Zermatt is overlooked by the world famous Matterhorn. 

Getting there

Reachable only by train or taxi, travel to Zermatt is relatively easy.  Most visitors fly into Zurich or Geneva and take the railway to Visp where they transfer trains to Tasch, and then on to Zermatt.  Along the journey from your gateway city, you can expect an occasional glimpse of the famed Matterhorn, but once you arrive (and hopefully on a crystal clear day) gaze upward to the mesmerizing peak of the Matterhorn and all it’s glory!  1 transfer, easy enough, right?  Well, if the train or taxi is not your cup of tea, consider a limousine or helicopter to make your grand entrance!

Zermatt is home to 5,800 residents, however, only ONE is allowed to own a personal car…the village physician!  To prevent air pollution, which could obscure the town’s prized view, Zermatt is a combustion-engine, car-free zone.  You will see use of modern day electric buses and taxis, but the only other form of non-human powered transportation is of the 4 legged variety.  For example, these horse drawn carriages belong to two of the villages finest hotels and are used to transport guests to/from the train station.

December to March is considered ski season, although just north of Zermatt at the Theodul Glacier (3,883m elevation), skiing, snowboarding or freestyling can be done an astonishing 365 days a year!  However, in general, the best time to venture out is during the early mornings, before the sun is strong. With an average high temp of 40 degrees, you may also find yourself rubbing shoulders with any number of celebrities or Olympic skiers and hopefuls training for the upcoming season.  Boasting 25km (11mi) of trails and 8 chair lifts (operable times  – depending on the area) year round, this is truly a skier’s playground and home to Europe’s highest freestyle park, Zermatt Snow Park at Plateau Rosa/Glacier Park.


Where to Stay

Can you say options?  Since Zermatt is considered to be a luxury resort village, it is expected that much of the lodging options will be 4 and 5 star.  Whether you are considering a hotel, chalet, apartment or Airbnb, you will have no shortage of options.  Two of our favorites are Unique Hotel Post and Mont Cervin Hotel as both are centrally located on the Main Street (Bahnhofstrasse), yet offer totally different vibes. 

Unique Hotel Post – 4 star

The Unique Hotel Post  is very centrally located in the heart of Zermatt, only a few minutes’ walk from the train station, lifts and bus stops on Zermatt’s “Hauptstrasse”, Bahnhofstrasse.  In order to make arrival and departure as comfortable as possible, the hotel offers free transfer service via their doorman and their electric vehicle from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m daily. This hotel is often the most popular choice because in addition to its three restaurants, it also houses a pub and four “discos”! In short, anyone looking for something extraordinary in Zermatt is guaranteed to find it here! The small, fine spa of the Unique Hotel Post pampers not only the body, but also the soul with an in-house sauna, steam bath, large jacuzzi, and sensory showers! (Reservations can be booked directly on their website)

Mount Cervin Hotel Zermatt – 5 star

All the comforts of a private residence, all the variety of a resort. Comfortable chalet or elegant Alpine style, all with fantastic views of the Matterhorn or the snow-capped four-thousanders. Renovations of all rooms at the Mont Cervin Palace from the 1st to the 4th floor. (The floors above were renovated in 2004 and 2010). When the hotel opened 168 years ago, everything was new and contemporary. The execution of the six-month renovation in 2012 was completed with that in mind.  This hotels also boasts a luxury spa, along with several different restaurants and bars. So many options that on Wednesdays, groups ranging from 6-15 can enjoy the “Dine Around” experience where you can gain insight into a selection of all of the restaurants the hotel has to offer. Visit Mount Cervin for more details!

Where to eat

From simple local food stands to Michelin rated restaurants, the village does not disappoint.  Choices range from classic Swiss fondue, to French, Italian, Japanese and even Indian cuisine to name a few.  Most hotels include a daily, complimentary buffet breakfast and some offer after ski snacks and teatime, which leaves only lunch and dinners at your expense.  Here are a few options to consider:

Fine dining: Chez Vrony – Swiss, International

A must-see, ski-in/ski-out jewel!  Located in Findeln, you will enjoy the most dreamy, majestic views of the Matterhorn!  Besides the great views, you will be treated to fresh, organic, locally sourced produce and Alpine grass (ONLY) fed livestock products.  This award winning restaurant has been family owned for over 100 years, with spectacular service that has been fine tuned from day one.  Reaching this location if you’re not skiing will take determination (via the train and a bit of a walk), but is well worth it!

Reservations are required for indoor seating, otherwise, grabbing a sheepskin lined seat or lounge with available blankets, on one of the three outdoor patios, can assure you front row Matterhorn views while you dine.  Be sure to check the seasonal hours of operation, for example this Winter season it’s open Nov 30, 2019 – April 19, 2020 from 9:30am – 4pm.  You can’t go wrong with the Ravioli or the Vrony hamburger, both classics and favorites!  Visit Chez Vrony for more information!

Cervo Puro – The newly renovated Cervo Puro with it’s bright and friendly interior and large sun terrace has earned a Michelin plate award, as well as 14 Gault-Millau points.  Conveniently located in Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort, a quick 10 minute walk from the center of Zermatt, the cuisine is alpine rich with hints of Northern Italy.  There is heavy emphasis on fresh regional produce.  They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  With the contemporary spin on original Swiss, the fondue and raclette are popular.  Just as popular are the $14CHF Cervo fries (with truffle and parmesan) and Matterhorn views, both favorites among the mountain lunch guests!  Though the dinner menu is not as extensive as other Zermatt restaurants, you can order a la carte or from a prefix 3 or 4 course menu including fresh caught choice, spare ribs, filet or pasta dishes and large wine list.  Located at the end of the ski piste/run, it is a great place at the lounge for Apres ski on the large terrace with live bands.

Bistros/Lite Bites: 

Fuchs – A family owned bakery since 1965 with 3 locations, preparing bakery products by hand, from scratch.  Using high quality, natural ingredients, their freshly prepared dishes, includes salads and various quiches, fine cakes and tarts, chocolates and fresh coffee from roasters in the Upper Valois.  With hours from 7am – 6:30pm, they accommodate all day dining.  Pop in for a quick early breakfast or grab sandwiches to go for lunch later in a park or on a mountain hike. 

NOTE*** Marie’s Deli Zermatt  and Petite Royal Cafe are great options as well!

Casual – Grampis – Located on Main St (Bahnhofstrasse 70) on the 2nd floor of Gee’s bar and pub, this restaurant provides authentic Italian cuisine and is in the heart of Zermatt.  A fun, relaxing and casual atmosphere, this place has some of the best wood-fired pizza in Zermatt.  Unlike some of the other Italian restaurants nearby, no reservation is required.  This friendly wait staff not only serves up great pizza, but anti-pasta, pasta, meat/fish, deserts and a side of character until 1am.  The highly recommended, black dough carbonella pizza is an unexpected twist on traditional pizza.  

After an enjoyable day of skiing the slopes, head to any number of the happening Aprés Ski options. Whether you choose to stay on the mountain to unwind or traverse back to the village, this sleepy resort comes alive with bars/clubs open until 3:30-4am! On mountain, consider The Champagne Room, Hennu Stall or Olympia, depending on which area of the mountain you happen to be on. Remember to leave early enough for a safe descent into the village. In the village, your options are more numerous. From traditional Swiss, to pop/rock, to jazz, there’s someplace to whet anyone’s musical appetite. Some of the must-visit places are:

  • Snowboat and Zermatt Yacht Club, where the elite are known to convene.
  • Harry’s, a local favorite for years.
  • Cervo Bar Lounge, a convenient ski-in locale from the Sunegga slopes.
  • Any of the 5 bars at Hotel Post:  Brown Cow Pub, Papa Caesar Lounge, Pink Live Music Bar, Broken Bar Club and Loft Club Lounge.
  • Papperla Pub with live music from 4pm until closing. 
  • Davidoff Lounge @ Mont Cervin Palace

Zermatt is world renown for its mountain and aprés ski parties. We are positive you will find some form of celebratory gathering at almost any establishment you happen upon. However, before you party the day and night away, be sure to refuel and partake of the many global cuisines represented in this resort town.

Things to do

If skiing or snowboarding is not your druthers, there is a plethora of non-ski activities and day trips at your disposal.  To start, you can still take the Gornergrat train up to the peak for sightseeing of the Matterhorn, beautiful Gorner Glacier and visit Kulm hotel which features a restaurant, observatory and shops.    Other non-ski mountain activities include, sledging, snowshoeing, hiking and ice-climbing.  Looking for things to do in the village?  Visit the Zermatt Museum, take a city tour, go ice skating or curling, relax at one of the many spas or visit the various shops.  You can easily keep yourself busy for a week without ever strapping on to ski or snowboard.

Yes, Zermatt is quite a distance from us here in the U.S….but if you’re into any type of outdoor sports, love great food and are looking for an incredibly picturesque backdrop, it’s a trip well worth taking!


  •  Zermatt is car free, but still easy to reach via the Glacier Express.
  •  The highest peaks of the Swiss Alps can be found in and around the town of Zermatt
  •  Because of it’s unique location, it has been known to either rain for days on end, or not at all. You should definitely be prepared for both!
  •  November and December are the coldest months, while July and August tend to be the warmest.
  •  Zermatt has 2 peak seasons…Winter (November through March, with December and January being the busiest ski season), and Summer (July and August for hiking). If you are looking for smaller crowds for skiing, your best bet is to visit during the Spring ski season (between March and April). For less crowded hiking trails, visit during the Fall months of September and October.
DELYX Takes On New York Fashion Week

DELYX Takes On New York Fashion Week

DELYX had the pleasure of participating in New York Fashion Week via the Journey Fashion Festival, spearheaded by the incomparable Malena Belafonte. Malena is known for her ability to think outside of the box and create not just your typical runway shows, but extravagant, memorable productions. This year was no different as this runway show took place at Duane Park in New York City, a popular burlesque club, again, defying the NYFW norms and providing the audience with a complete experience!


In addition to providing the audience with an extraordinary experience, The Journey Fashion Festival is also known for supporting and highlighting great causes. Per Malena, “I think it is our duty to use our platform and power during this time to highlight causes and needs in the world. This season we wanted to focus on the Opioid epidemic – people need to realize it is not just out there somewhere, and therefore we wanted to pull it into our team and onto the runway, and not just speak about it from a soap box. With all eyes on us during NYFW, one of our models, Vilma Biliene, went through a horrible addiction and we incorporated that into the show with the very thing that saved her: Steampunk King Chuck Coleman created a visual that would remind her very day of her value, beauty and the fact that she was worthy. That visual has since become a collection of leggings meant to empower, not just addicts, but anyone who needs self-empowerment- and isn’t that all of us at one point or the other?”



 While the show included pieces from over 20 brands, there were only 5 that took to the stage YEROC, Avery Rose, L’ Antonio Resort, Henry Picado, and DELYX. The show provided an opportunity to not only show off our 2020 swimwear designs (accessorized with sunglasses by celebrity designer Corey Woods and YEROC), but our new cashmere beanies for both men and women (including the debut of our newest Swarovski adorned cashmere beanies) as well. The men’s beanies were accompanied by hand painted jackets created by Alvaro, an amazing New York celebrity artist.


Hair and makeup was created by Marcello Costa and Team MC. Additional designers, performers, and sponsors included: Sean Sellers, Pearls Daily, John Ashford, Yasha Jewelry, The Alex Salem Team, Douglas Elliman, Mercedes Club,  Sennheiser, Yerise, Fashion Institute of Technology, Design Entrepreneur Collaborative, DewbeeJammin and more!


The Journey Fashion Festival is an experience like none other and we elated that we had the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome show!

How To Care For Your Swimwear

How To Care For Your Swimwear

Summer has officially faded, but you don’t want your swimsuits to suffer the same fate! While it may be “Forever Summer” in certain parts of the world, the long lazy days we enjoy so much have come to an end for most of the U.S.  Let’s learn to care for those one-shoulder, multi-wear, reversible, strapless, bandeau, one piece, tankini, or bikini swimsuits you’ve been rocking!

Many of us take for granted that machine wash and dry is perfectly acceptable, and never bother to research other ways to care for our garments. Although most suits will have machine washable on the care label, other methods are strongly suggested to help prevent fading and to prolong she retention. Even if the label says machine washing will do, you should avoid throwing your swimsuit into the washer; even the gentle cycle can damage the fabric, and laundry detergents can fade the color! Pool chemicals, high temperatures, body oils, sweat, sand and sunscreen can all wreak havoc on swimwear, but have no fear! We’re here to give you advice from the experts on how to extend the life of your favorite suits!

The gentlest method of care is hand washing. The detergent company, the Laundress suggests gently washing your swimwear by hand. After pre-treating stains, they recommend agitating the suit by hand and leaving it to soak for 30 minutes in a bath of warm water with a capful of their Sport Detergent. Rinse under running water and squeeze (DO NOT WRING OR TWIST) excess water, then lay flat to dry.

Whatever method you choose, one factor is agreed upon by all experts…NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use the dryer! Dryers cause fabric damage and loss of elasticity over time. This is a sure fire way to reduce the longevity of your swimsuits, especially those made with fiber contents containing spandex or Lycra (as most are).

If you are looking for a natural way to clean your swimwear, consider using white vinegar, as recommended by Organic Authority. White vinegar acts as an antimicrobial, as well as an antiviral. It also helps to remove stains and odors,  keeping swimsuit colors bright and fade-free. The technique, using 1/4 cup of white vinegar in a sink full of water, is the same as that suggested by the Laundress, however, Organic Authority specifically recommends using a cold water soak.

If you happen to have yellowing of your once bright and crisp, beautifully white swimsuit, Racked suggests soaking it for 1-2 hours in a mixture of a 1/2 cup baking soda and a gallon of cold water. The same rinsing and excess water removal process as the others is advised.

If you choose to ignore all the hand wash recommendations, The Spruce suggests, at the very least using a protective bag, meant for delicate garments and an ultra-mild or spandex specific detergent in the wash cycle.

One last quick and easy tip to help extend the life of your swimwear…If washing immediately after use is not practical, wear your suit into the shower for a quick rinse until you are able to hand wash!

The bottom line is that swimwear care doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. With these few simple steps, your favorite piece will stay beautiful, well-fitted and ready for your next tan, swim, or day of relaxation by the pool!

Park City….the birthplace of DELYX LTD…

Park City….the birthplace of DELYX LTD…

With Winter increasingly becoming the new peak travel season, our next blog is a definite must! This location appeals to both couples and families, skiers and non-skiers alike. Park City, a 19th-century silver mining boom town, sits on the south face of the Wasatch Mountain Range, and is the largest ski resort in the United States. It includes both Park City Mountain/The Canyons and Deer Valley Resort. (But please take note, Deer Valley is a ski only area; no snowboarding allowed). Park City also offers tons of off slope activities to choose from and is obviously one of our favorites places on earth as it was also the birthplace of DELYX LTD (see About Us for more details)!

Located just 20 miles from Salt Lake City, Park City is one of the easiest mountain resorts to access. No matter if you rent a car or elect to use a shuttle service, getting to the mountain is a piece of cake. A short 45 minute drive from the Salt Lake City Airport to the base (with no treacherous curves or steep roads), and you are there!

Where to Stay

Lodging options are abundant in the Park City area. Choices range from ski in-ski out 5 star resorts to more economical condos. If you’re wanting access to Park City Resort base, a great ski in-ski out option is the Marriott Mountainside (where we stayed), located just a few feet away from the slopes. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy secluded, tranquility, you can’t go wrong with either the Montage in Deer Valley (be sure to say hello to Monty, their Canine Ambassador!) or the Waldorf Astoria in the Canyons.

Where to eat

There is no shortage of dining options in Park City. Phenomenal gastro creations abound from cafe inspirations to upscale gourmet restaurants. Looking for a local, off the beaten path lunch? Try the winner of The World’s Best Lobster Roll competition! Freshies Lobster Park City, delivers relaxed counter service with their specialty menu items (lobster rolls in various sizes, clam chowder, and lobster bisque, just to name a few)!

With its laid back Mediterranean atmosphere, another cozy lunch choice is Cafe Terigo. The lightly fried onion rings and blackened salmon salad were delish! A few other highly recommended options are the calamari and marinated filet steak sandwich. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

One of our dinner favorites is the Prime Steakhouse and Piano Bar, an upscale, friendly atmosphere with a great bar and live piano entertainment. While you could easily make a meal from the items listed on their starter menu (the jumbo crabmeat cocktail is to die for!!), you’ll want to revisit often to work your way through their many delicious entree selections. Or, if you’re looking for a great place to cozy up to the bar and watch your favorite sporting event, Brad, the bartender, will greet you with a warm smile and a quick cocktail of your choice.

In the mood for sushi? Let Chef Kirk of Yiki Yama (translated means “snowy mountain”) take you on a magnificent journey of Japanese inspired cuisine. Creative sushi and noodles bowls anchor the selections, but sashimi, hot plates and special sakes leave little else to be desired. Be sure to say hello to Matt (the Owner), and ask to be seated in Stacy’s section!

Lastly, the elegant Riverhorse on Main is one of the country’s top restaurants and winner of many awards and accolades. A stunning, trendy vibe, set in a restored Masonic Hall with local live music, it is the perfect backdrop to explore the eclectic American cuisine offered on their menu. With world class service and extensive wine selections, you are guaranteed to enjoy a perfect evening. Reservations are highly recommended.

Getting around

Whether you decide to stay slopeside, downtown, or in the canyon, access to all of the area mountains is super easy with the town’s close layout and complimentary bus system which operates 7:00 AM to Midnight daily.

Things to do

Obviously there are several restaurants that will keep you busy, however, Park City is full of all kinds of activities. If you’re interested in other winter sports outside of skiing/snowboarding, here you can also try snowmobiling, dog sledding, snowshoeing, or take a spin on the fat tire bikes. Olympic Park continues to be a huge draw for visitors as well. Or, if you prefer to engage in a few indoor activities, Main Street is an ideal location for shopping or visiting the local art galleries. There is even a bowling alley approximately 15 minutes just outside of the village.

One of the activities we chose included the Spa Montage where we enjoyed a relaxing day and spectacular views! In addition to your standard spa treatments, here you can experience the serenity of a spa overlooking the picturesque Wasatch Mountains, or take advantage of the various amenities this spa has to offer; the steam rooms, saunas, indoor swimming pool, hair salon, and wellness center, just to name a few. Please make sure you ask for to Cass…she’ll take good care of you!

After a full day of skiing, snowboarding or any other activity, head downtown to the local watering hole for some refreshments and rehydration. You can choose either saloon style or a more trendy, urban ambiance. Two popular spots are the High West Distillery and The Spur Bar and Grill, but the options are numerous. Are you a bourbon/whiskey drinker? If you choose to visit High West, ask for Nick and request the off menu Spaghetti Western, a unique twist on the old fashioned cocktail. Or, if you prefer the ambiance of live music performances, try The Spur Bar and Grill!

Finally, though the silver is long gone, winter skiing and snowboarding, spring movie festivals, summer cycling and hiking keep this town buzzing year round. Take a chance on Park City…like us, we’re sure you’ll fall in love!

  • For you seasoned skiers/snowboarders, Park City Resort accepts the EPIC pass (allows repeated usage of a mountain within a day/season)
  • The Sundance Film Festival, held in January, is a huge draw and will affect cost/availability of accommodations.
  • Many of the restaurants/stores close depending on the time of season, however, peak ski season generally runs from mid December through March.