Gorner Olive Chunky Cashmere Beanie

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As a nod to its remarkable and natural beauty, the Gorner gets its name from The Gorner gorge in Switzerland - a place of exceptional natural beauty where walks in between towering cliffs provide "a dramatic insight into the power of nature." Let your raw power shine through when you choose between the three expressions of the Gorner. Use without attachments for a sleek look, the color-coordinated pom for a fun change, or the natural fur pom for ultimate luxury.

All of our pieces with detachable fur are made with exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design - meaning you won't see snaps when removing the fur poms—a true chameleon.

    • Made from 100% Cashmere
    • Comes with two poms
    • Chunky delicious knit
    • Slouchy fit
    • Can be worn three ways: without poms, with natural fur pom, or with color-coordinated fur pom.

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