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It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

You don’t want to get rid of anything because you like options, but having too many clothes is cramping your style (literally!). One solution is to reduce your wardrobe to only a few pieces, but that would severely restrict your outfit choices. 

What if the most luxurious and trendy designs could also be multi-functional and have interchangeable features? We’re here to provide that level of variety for your closet, with quality pieces that make your knees go weak when you discover them! That’s what we do! 


Whether dressing for your journey to work or play, no matter where adventure takes you, there’s a style for that!

Imagine packing less for your next trip, avoiding excess baggage fees, yet never feeling deprived of choices. We want you to live as authentic and carefree as you can.

And there is nothing about overweight baggage fees that says carefree…

So here we are. Two Florida ladies and longtime friends who are just trying to live with authenticity and style. Oh, and revolutionizing women’s use of clothing by adding surprising elements to our collections: i.e. convertible features, interchangeable components, and reversibility, yielding to multiway styling. 


You see, while on a ski trip to Park City, Utah, we ran into a problem that EVERY woman has encountered at least once (or all the time)…we had overpacked for our trip because – you know -“options.” This created quite the dilemma on our return, considering the additional gifts and souvenirs purchased during our stay. After over a decade of traveling together, this was not the first time we had run into issues with baggage space. Enough already!

So we thought: what if there is a way to have timeless, luxurious, yet modern clothing that is also space saving with multiway styling? 😳 

Solving an issue that has periled women for (we are guessing) centuries. 

Together, we can declutter our lives and make room for what really matters wine!

 No, just kidding—we meant friendship, love, kindness, and empowering each other. And wine.

Head over to our blog, where we share travel tips, fun tidbits, cocktail recipes, and so much more. You don’t want to miss the chance to join our group of smart, confident, and beautiful women who are on this journey with us, so become an insider today!


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